April 01, 2018



'Traditional Breathe'


One of the popular must-see tours is the ‘Traditional Breathe’ tour, exploring the quintessential aspects of the local culture and traditions, starting with a river boat trip to Red Boat, a hidden gem of a fish sauce factory that became renowned worldwide, and finding out how they ferment their pungent sauce from local anchovies. Next stop is a family-owned factory making traditional Vietnamese rice wine, called sim wine – which is a colourful rice wine made with rose myrtle berries with reputed healing qualities. After lunch at a local beachfront restaurant, you will be taken to a local Pearl Farm for a firsthand look into the island’s pearl industry as well as having the opportunity to find pearls after shucking the pearl shells yourself.



‘Weaving the Dusk’


Is an alluring, exclusive sunset boat trip – elevated by a fun cocktail party with canapes and pop music – ending at Phu Quoc’s bustling ‘Night Market’ for a complete evening’s entertainment.


Dinh Cau - Night Market

‘The Mysterious Four’


Is another extraordinary adventure discovering Phu Quoc's gorgeous, uninhabited offshore islands, known as the An Thoi Archipelago. You will learn of its fabled history, snorkel among teeming marine life and experience the traditional fishing style – catching your own seafood lunch. More snorkelling or scuba-diving amid colourful coral reefs follows at another islet, before swimming or sunbathing on a glorious island beach and heading back against the backdrop of a glorious, spectacular sunset.



For those who want a private tour with exclusive services, our Concierge team can also arrange a tailor-made tour customised to guests’ specific needs. “Our tours have been specially-curated to ensure guests get unique insights into the culture and traditions of this fascinating, beautiful new destination on the Asian tourism map”, said Tan Mai, our Associate Chief Concierge.


The resort's Concierge team has also compiled a detailed guide to help you find your way around the island, with suggestions that will contribute to a truly memorable experience with places to eat, drink and shop like a local.


For more information, our Concierge can be contacted by email:



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