What to look for at the first global award-winning HARNN Heritage Spa at our resort?

April 18, 2019

HARNN Heritage Spa


The global award-winning HARNN Heritage Spa

The global award-winning HARNN Heritage Spa has proudly presented the latest blissful holistic wellness sanctuary at the luxury retreat of InterContinental® Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort.

Embracing the Eastern wisdom passed down from generation to generation perfected over thousands of years, HARNN Heritage Spa focuses on restoring the natural balance of body and mind, bringing an exclusive haven of ultimate relaxation and pampering that can hardly be ignored. The finest healing heritage of Vietnam, Thai, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and traditional medicines balances with modern approaches are applied in order to offer ultimate rejuvenation and indulgent experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the prestigious locale, HARNN Heritage Spa meticulously incorporates indigenous natural resources of the tropical island of Phu Quoc – Bamboo, Pearl and Black Pepper – to craft a signature spa experience. The signature therapeutic and reinvigorating Bamboo Massage is specially designed to soothe and ease physical tension and sore muscles with a rolling bamboo stick performed by skillful and dedicated therapists while the Bamboo Body Brushing exfoliates and promotes healthy blood flow and lymphatic circulation. 

Exclusively created for HARNN Heritage Spa at our resort, Bamboo Massage Oil, rich in silica, deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin after exposure to the sun. If you want to restore your natural beauty right before your romantic date at out sky bar INK 360? Go for the Pearl Radiance Facial Treatment combining delicate Pearl Scrub, rich in skin-essential natural minerals, to restore radiance and revitalize healthy complexion. 

Upon arrival, certified organic White Mulberry tea are served, to harmonize the Yin and Yang elements. Each tea contains specific elements of herbal infusions that enhance the positive energy, relieving stress to leave guests with a feeling of comfort and bliss. 

Before each treatment, our therapists will help you discover your dominant element – Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, or Wood – in order to select the right and essential oil blends to compliment and re-balance your element effectively.

Another highlight of HARNN Heritage Spa at our resort is a natural serenity with beautifully appointed treatment suites that ‘float’ on the lush Lotus Lagoon, offering a unique and luxurious wellness experience hidden away in a secluded corner of the resort. You will be immersed in a serene haven of complete relaxation as its secluded bamboo buildings hover over tranquil waters, accompanied by an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna, open-air spaces separated by glass panels shielded with bamboo louvres. 

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