HARNN Heritage Spa


Let your senses be soothed by the ambiance of our Spa, and be transformed by one of our locally inspired rejuvenating treatments.


With beautifully appointed treatment suites that appear to ‘float’ on the lush Lotus Lagoon, HARNN Heritage Spa – Best Resort Spa in Vietnam 2023 is a place of natural serenity offering guests a unique and luxurious wellness experience inspired through the long tradition of healing Asian therapies.

10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Hidden away in a secluded corner of the resort, the HARNN Heritage Spa ensconces guests in a serene haven of complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Its secluded bamboo buildings hover over the tranquil water, leaving room for an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna, while the treatment suites themselves feature open-air spaces separated by glass panels shielded with bamboo louvers, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.

Embracing the Eastern wisdom passed down from generation to generation and perfected over thousands of years, HARNN Heritage Spa focuses on restoring the natural balance of body and mind. Inspired by the practice of traditional Asian medicine and naturopathy, each HARNN treatment is thoughtfully designed to enrich your relaxing experience.

Signature treatments are inspired by the healing local botanicals of herbs, spices, and coconut, along with natural pearl, to give guests a distinct sense of place while at the same time restoring balance, leaving them feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

The tranquil Lotus Lagoon provides the perfect backdrop for post-treatment relaxation on the terrace overlooking the calm water, perfectly reflecting the renewed peace and spirituality of the soul.


Be enchanted by the serene beauty of the HARNN Heritage Spa as we extend a delightful invitation to embark on a journey towards perfect wellness and tranquillity. Rediscover your inner peace amid the soothing greens of nature while being guided by our professional wellness instructor, who will assist you in your meditation.

Whether you opt for a calming sun salutation or seek relief from back pain through a yoga session, our wellness regime offers an assortment of activities that cater to your preferences. Our highly skilled wellness professionals will lead you through each pose and exercise, ensuring you are warmed up, revitalised, and fully ready to embrace the joyous day ahead.

Aside from the above activities, you can paricipate in our Tai Chi sessions for better strength, flexibility, and balance, all while indulging your senses with our gentle movements. Our experienced wellness instructor will guide you every step of the way as you uncover the blissful state of physical and emotional harmony, all within the serene ambience of the HARNN Heritage Spa.

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