Come rain or shine, we offer children staying at our resort fun activities each day to keep them happily occupied throughout your stay.

The following is just some of the activities that our resort arranges for your little ones. Please click here for the full schedule of sunny days and here for the rainy days.

For more information and times of these activities, and advance bookings to join these activities, call us via 0969.734.777 or email to If you are at the Resort, kindly dial '0' from your in-room telephone for assistance.

Rainy Days

  1. Nail Painting
  2. Bracelet Making
  3. Statue Painting
  4. Magic Show
  5. Kids Can Cook
  6. Practice making your favourite treats, such as cookies and cupcakes
  7. Towel Origami

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  1. Plant a Garden
  2. Sand Art Craft
  3. Harvest the Pearl Game
  4. Paper Mache
  5. Kite flying on the beach
  6. Sensory Scavenger Hunt
  7. Nature Discovery
  8. Water Bucket Relay Race
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